Bamboo Sushi: My New Favorite Sushi Restaurant

I love sushi, but I do have one problem with it.  I eat a ton of it!  As a result when searching for sushi restaurants I usually look for places that offer good value.  I’ve often told people that I am not a sushi connoisseur.  That while I know the difference between bad sushi and good sushi, I cannot tell the difference between good sushi and even better sushi.  Well, apparently, I just had to go the right place.  Bamboo Sushi is freaking good and better than my go to sushi place, Sansai.

The menu at Bamboo is pretty diverse with many things I have never tried before. Naturally that meant I needed to try some of them, such as the quail egg shooters.

Bamboo Sushi Qual Eggs

They quail eggs were actually pretty tasty (although you good easily swallow them without tasting them) I chewed mine a little to taste it and they were good.  It was mostly yolk but had good flavor and because the size was small the texture of a raw egg is not too bothersome.

For dinner we ordered salmon sashimi, arctic surf clam nigiri, tuna nigiri, philly rolls, soft shell crab rolls, and cocktails.

Bamboo Sushi

Unfortunately, missing in the picture above is the surf clam nigiri.  I was so excited to try it, I ate it, then realized I meant to take a picture, oops.  The sushi was outstanding.  The tuna nigiri was our favorite.  We liked it so much we ordered a second serving. The tuna was melt in your mouth delicate and there was a very light seasoning that made the fish perfect.

Bamboo Sushi Rolls

The rolls were also very delicious.  I particularly enjoyed the soft shell crab roll.  The soft shell crab roll had the perfect combination of flavor and that soft shell crunch.  The philly roll was also very good.  I would have preferred a tad more salmon in it, nonetheless it was still good.

I really can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed Bamboo Sushi. Bamboo Sushi is now at the top of my list of favorite Sushi restaurants.  I highly recommend Bamboo Sushi.

The other great thing about Bamboo Sushi on NW 23rd is that Bamboo is right next to Salt and Straw.  Salt and Straw deserves a post on its own right, so I will just leave you with this.

Salt & Straw Ice Cream

Bamboo Sushi on Urbanspoon

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