Five top markets for senior housing investment

Five top markets for senior housing investment

Senior housing is a collective term used for different segments that provide housing and care for senior citizens. Senior housing investments have been widely increasing all over the world. The aim is give out the best care for senior citizens above 65 with an supplement plan found at, providing them a chance to be part of a community with the same kind of people. If you are planning on investing in senior housings you should be sure on what segment of senior housing you are investing and where to do that. Here I will talk about Top 5 markets for investing in Senior Housing.

  1. California

California is known for its higher entry barrier in the business world. Adding to that, the labour system is also a complex. It is this difficulty to start a business here makes it more attractive for senior housing investment. These difficulties can justify higher rents to rich tenants. Also, California is the perfect location for a senior house on the coast and top communities around makes it a strong marketplace.

  • Florida

Florida is the ideal retirement destination of everyone. The Sunshine state is known for its good weather conditions. Florida is one of the top states in US who witnessed greater economic and business expansions. Senior house investing in Florida can be tricky since a lot of constructions are going on and competitions like The Villages must be kept in mind.

  • Washington

We are living in a time where the urban cities are getting popularity. People have been shifting from country side to cities like Washington which makes it a suitable market for senior homes, especially Seattle. The City has been undergoing so many constructions and hence opportunities for senior housing have been increasing rapidly and it is already one of the top markets.

  • New England

Senior house development has always been faster and at an increased rate in almost all North-Eastern US states. Mostly near the university and other educational institutions. It is mainly because what they offer to the city. These locations are chosen because of its low crime rate and the quality of life that is found here which indeed makes it one of the top markets.

  • Virginia

Virginia has always been a state which always gave priority to the welfare of senior citizens. Their senior citizen’s healthcare services are famous throughout the country. Virginia has always been the best place for retirement with subtropical climatic conditions and breath-taking geology. Property rates are less than that of Florida but still managed to reach in the top market list for senior housing investment.