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  1. Hi. I will be traveling with about ten friends. We are staying at the Monaco. Where should we go for a good breakfast?
    Thank you!

  2. You mentioned in your terrific MMS post that you have world cup hotel rooms. Points or cash reservation? thanks

    • On the plus side is the neighborhood which is supposed to be pretty awesome. On the downside it’s a Park Inn. Oh well. Good thing all I care about is a clean bed.

  3. Thanks for your blog! We are planning a 2 night stay in the Buckman area. We’ll be using public transportation, but plan to rent a car for one day to make a day trip to the Columbia Gorge. If possible, we’d like to rent the car on our departure date, so we can drive it to the airport. Flight is at 7:30pm, so would need to get to PDX by 5:30. Do you think we will be too rushed with our day trip on this day?

  4. Next week, Tue. late morning to Thurs. evening. We would pick up the car on Wed. evening, so we could head out as early as need be on Thursday, but still worried that we might run short of time! We’d love to include one short hike too on the day-trip out if possible. Our city plans include walking around town and enjoying the restaurants and bars. Will definitely refer to your beer map!

    • That is coming soon so let me do my best to answer now. Squeezing in a day trip to the gorge and catching your flight on the same day is going to be very difficult and I don’t think it is advisable, although not impossible. When my wife and I go to the gorge it is literally an all day event. If the gorge is high on your list I would suggest doing it Wednesday when you have a full day. You can still cram in a lot of Portland Tuesday afternoon, evening, and night, plus Thursday morning and afternoon. Doing the gorge on Wednesday will give you a chance to do one of the best short hikes in the gorge, the Oneonta Gorge. Word of caution though, bring a change of clothes, you will get wet. You also won’t feel rushed and can take the time to enjoy it. Enjoy your trip.

  5. “This offer is great and I think everyone should take a shot at it. I wouldn’t worry about the $75 annual fee because what I have done in the past is offer to use my companion pass for my parents or friends. I will book their tickets for them with my companion pass and they pay me for the cost of the flights plus the cost of my annual fee. I get miles for booking the flight with my AS card and get my annual fee covered and they save good money so everyone is happy.”

    that is in regards to your comment on alaskan airline credit card offer. isn’t the primary account holder supposed to be on the same flight as the “companion”? will you please elaborate a little more how you can book a ticket without having two identical itineraries?

    • In some regards I think calling it a “companion pass” a bit of a misnomer. With most companion passes you have to actually fly and your “companion” can get a ticket for free or at a discounted price. The Alaska Visa companion pass is more akin to a coupon because you don’t actually have to fly for someone to benefit from it. The terms of the pass state that you either have to fly with your companion or be the one purchasing the the airfare. I have on more than one occasion purchased two tickets for family or friends using the companion pass. They fly, I get the points, and they also pay me my annual fee. Tomorrow will be my first post in a series of posts about using Alaska miles. If you are interested in the program subscribe to my blog and you will be notified of updates by email.

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  7. Hi! I came across this post in search of any type of advice and tips on renting a car.. I have never rented one before in my life.. and I have an upcoming trip to Ft Benning/Columbus Georgia to watch my fiancé graduate from Army Basic Training.. I looked on price-line and I entered a bid of $10.00 to see what the price would be. I am honestly just nervous to continue it any further. I would love some tips and advice. I am 24, I am not sure what the underage fee’s would be. I don’t want to “seal the deal” if I don’t have ALL the info of charges displayed in front of me before I enter any card information. Do you have any suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    I leave for my trip on April 16, 2014 (First time flying too! ah too much new stuff!!)

    • How exciting, first flight and first car rental. Hopefully this is the first in many years of traveling. As for the rental car, if I were you I think I would pass on using priceline because it is too much of a crap shoot. You won’t know the additional fee until your bid is accepted and then the fee could be up to $50 per day. Too much of an unknown for me to recommend bidding on Priceline. Instead I would shop around online for rental prices and just try and find the best deal possible. If you are a member of USAA I think if you rent a car through them you can get the under $25 fee waived.

  8. Hi, I tried the e-mail me link, and it doesn’t work. I’m interested in your forty five a year program for travel savings, and am planning a trip from Pisa Italy to Nashville around August 4th. Any chance we could put something together before then?

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