5 alternative investments for senior citizens

5 alternative investments for senior citizens

You work your whole life trying to make money not just for surviving in the present but also for having a happy retirement life. And the best way to ensure that is by investing what you have and let the money work for you. Investments are not just about buying up stocks and hoping they will go up. We all need something that can yield money and lead a peaceful retirement life. Here, I will talk about 5 such alternative investments for senior citizens above 65. Check 2020 Medicare Supplement Rates via https://www.medicaresupplementplans2020.com/

  1. Real Estates

For decades, Real estates have been the number one choice for investing money. The basic idea is to buy up land, with or without buildings, renovate or build houses and sell them for a profit. For those who think that as more work, you can try buying land with apartment buildings and give them as rental. That is, your investment starts to come back in your hand pretty soon in your retirement.

  • Private Equity Investments

In private equity investments, we invest a considerable amount of money to a private organisation on an agreement that the investor gets a portion of the organisations’ net equity. Rates are decided on negotiations between the organisation head and the investor. If you are investing on the right firm, you can expect money return within a year and a half or two.

  • Mutual Funds or Hedge Funds

Mutual funds collect money from many investors at one place, basically a mutual fund handler, and then that money is used to buy up equities or any tradable financial equipment. One of the major advantages is that you can choose your return frequency to annual or point to point returns. Hence you can enjoy a happy retirement.

  • Government Bond Funds

In government bond funds, one has to invest in a portfolio of securities accepted by the Government of the country. In a country with financial stability, this system is almost risk free. So, retired citizens can always invest in a risk free environment hence making it one of the best alternative investing for senior citizens.

  • Fixed Deposits (FD)

Fixed Deposit is the money you invest or handover to the bank in agreement that the money need not be returned for a long fixed period of time and in return, a considerable interest is given to the investor by the bank each month, hence your money is safe with you and you make money from it. This scheme is safe for senior citizens aged 65 and above since their money is safe and they get a regular amount of money monthly as interest.