I’ve Decided to Semi-Retire this Blog

After 2.5 years of blogging I have decided to call it quits – sort of.  Blogs posts are going to become uncommon and sporadic. Once I moved out of Portland I feel weird dolling out advice on Portland.  The fact of the matter is that to also do this blog right I need to go out a lot and I just don’t have the time anymore.  I’ve also switched my attention to something else that has sucked away whatever free time I had to work on this blog, the reselling stuff.

When I started reselling I had mentioned my idea for a second blog on the subject.  I didn’t think that I would have time to maintain two blogs so I put that idea on the shelf.  Since then I have been posting about reselling on this blog, but it does not fit.  I had a choice if blogging about reselling is what I want to do then I needed to choose between this blog or a new one.  In the end I chose a new blog, milespointsreselling.com.

For the miles and points enthusiasts that read this blog I hope you come along and read it as well.  The blog will be a chronicle of my attempts at reselling and other avenues for earning miles and free travel.

At the end of the day I can’t believe I kept at this as long as I did.  I am also shocked at how many people read this blog on a daily basis.  I will continue to respond to all comments and emails.  I will also post something occasionally, but only when there is something that I feel like is important to get out there.  I hope you come over to the new blog and read it.

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4 thoughts on “I’ve Decided to Semi-Retire this Blog

  1. Definitely gonna miss all your ideas for new places to see and eat/drink at in PDX…had some solid advice there!

    I’ll keep your blog in my reader, hoping for the occasional odd gem post about Portland!

      • For sure I’ll monitor it.

        You dont want people to do comments there?

        BTW, the main thing I’d like to know from your new site is whether or not the whole MS-for-cash-profit is worth it. I find I get too stressed about waiting and watching for points and, if there was ever a snag in the process, it would upset me more than it would be worth. So, for me, the benefits are too low for the stress involved.

        I’ll be watching your exploits to see if I have a change of heart!

        • I do want comments. Looks like you have to click on the main article to be able to comment. I changed the front page to have read more buttons to entice people to click over in order to comment. Thanks for the heads up. It is still a work in progress.

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