Ahhh, Fall is here.

I guess technically it is still summer but geez the weather changed in a hurry.  We went from record high temperatures, the hottest July (or was it August?) on record, to cool weather and clouds overnight.  As a dyed in the wool Oregonian I of course welcome the change.  Autumn is on of my favorite seasons and I think September is the best month of the year.  We still get the occasional 80+ degree day but it is also sprinkled in with the cool brisk sunny days that Oregonians know and love.  Oh and Football starts.  Go Ducks!

I thought I would take a moment and mention my favorite fall activities.

  • Duck Football
    • If you are a sports fan and you happen to be visiting Portland during football season, make a trip to Autzen.  Tailgate and take in the whole experience. Some even think we have the best tailgate experience in all of college football.
  • Fruit Loop 
    • I love the fruit loop.  The fruit loop is a drive around stoping at various orchards, farms, and wineries.  Every year in the fall we go to Draper Girls Country Farm and pick Honey Crisp apples.   Mandatory stops for us also include the Apple Valley Country and Hood River itself.  If you want to take in one of the best patios of any brewery in Oregon make a stop at Solera Brewing.
  • Bruch
    • If you have not caught on Portland is big into brunch.  I’m not sure why.  I am not much in to brunch during the summer.  In the summer I like to get up and get out early.  Autumn? When the rain comes? Not so much.  Check out Pine State Biscuits, Gravy, Tasty and Sons, and the plethora of other places in Portland offering a solid brunch.
  • Beer + Fire Pit
    • When the weather turns cool I love relaxing next to a fire pit and drinking a good beer.  PDX Eater offers a list of 15 spots in Portland with fire pits.
  • Drive to the Coast
    • I know this sounds weird right?  The whether is getting cooler and the rain is coming.  Take a drive down the Nehalem River towards the coast and tell me this is not a great time of year.

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