Reselling an iPad Air 2 128GB

I am very encouraged with my recent success selling an iPad on Amazon so when I saw another sale at Best Buy I decided to try again. Here are the details.

  • iPad Air 2 128GB
  • MSRP: $699
  • Purchase Price: $534.99
  • Amazon List Price: $645.59
  • Expected Amazon Fees: $38.38
  • Anticipated Profit: $71.82
  • Points Earned: 534 Southwest points and 534 Best Buy reward points

I am currently trying to meet the minimum spending on my wife’s Southwest card so the purchase was made with that.  After meeting the minimum spend on the Southwest card that will trigger a bonus of 50,000 points.  The minimum spend is $3,000.  The profit from the resale will also offset the cost of the annual fee, $99, which was not waived.

As for the deal itself, how did I get a $699 iPad for $534.99?  It was a combination of taking advantage of a sale, using a 10% off coupon, and redeeming a best buy rewards gift certificate.  You can get Best Buy 10% off coupons at the post office in their change of address packet.

I could have made this deal stronger in a couple of ways.  First, I didn’t use a portal like I did in my last deal.  I totally brain farted that.  In looking back at the portals the deals were not that strong so I didn’t miss out on much.  I would have been kicking myself more if there was a 5% cash back offer.

Second, I could have bought Best Buy gift cards at at discount from  The current discount is 6%.  That would have brought my cost down by another $32.   I did contemplate doing that but it would have required me to buy $535 worth of gift cards spread across 8 gift cards.  I have not done that before so was not comfortable with going all in like that.  I think next time I will test it out by buying a couple and seeing how it works.

Fingers crossed this attempt works out as well as the last one.

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2 thoughts on “Reselling an iPad Air 2 128GB

  1. Hey, Scott. I am glad your re-selling plan worked out very well. I recently used Frequent Miler’s plan on Discover+Sears triple dip method and purchased a Nikon 3200 with net spending of around $200, and sold it on Craiglist by $350, plus I got plenty of “crappy items” from K-mart, such as the bluetooth speaker and headset. It really depends on the scale you are comfortable with, I did the dip little by little, and try to avoid using discover portal if I don’t use discover card, fortunately, a couple weeks ago, AA has 9miles/dollar in K-mart deal. I bought the other Nikon 3200 because my sears store points balance is too high. I may re-sell it or keep it for my personal use.
    For the bestbuy, you have done a very good job, but splitting payment with multiple AMEX is always the plan. Recently my eyes are on the latest version of Mac Air which was listed with $849, I do have $100 off coupon with .edu email address, and two bestbuy voucher with value of $20 and $25, so I can split the payment with my AMEX cards and get this device with about $675.
    Still hesitate to whether I need to go for it,as I am not sure whether I can sell it.
    Can you tell me how you sell it on Amazon? Is that true that you need to report to IRS if your profit is over $300?

    • Taking advantage of multiple Amex offers is a good idea that I hadn’t thought about. Not sure if I would want to spread that across multiple accounts though. I will have to look at that on a single account with authorized users though. I assume I will get a 1099 from Amazon with my gross sales. I haven’t looked at what amount riggers it. I know for other amazon services like Amazon payments it was triggered at 20k.

      Tagging miles has a decent how to on fulfilled by amazon. But I found it to be a little too dense. In the future once I get the hang of this I may do a FBA for dummies (like me!) me post.

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