I’m back!

Sorry for the dry spell folks.  The last few months have been crazy.  We sold our house back in March.  We closed in April and moved out without having found a new home.  I had incorrectly assumed that the craziness of the Portland housing market was contained to areas close in to downtown.  Turned out I was half right.  We were focussing our search in the Murray Hill and Bethany areas in Beaverton.  Two months and 8 offers later!!! I was about ready to call it quits and get a rental.  It had not occurred to me that thanks to Nike and Intel expansions those housing markets were almost as crazy as Portland proper.

Before giving up a colleague convinced me to look at homes in West Linn.  A small city about 20 minutes south of downtown Portland.  That turned out to be a wonderful bit of advice and we purchased the first house we made an offer on.  We are very happy with the situation and in hindsight glad it did not work out on the west side of town.  For those who are unfamiliar with West Linn here is UFC fighter Chael Sonnen describing his home town.

So now we have moved to the mean streets of West Linn, Oregon and hopefully I won’t see any littering.  Soon I will post about why I left Portland (although is 20 minutes south really leaving Portland??)

In other Portland news:

  • Portland’s annual world naked bike ride is tonight and it is of course not without some controversy.
  • The temperatures are going to be nasty this week. If you want to stay cool head for the coast or go hang out in Oneonta Gorge.
  • I will have a separate post on this soon but July is the beginning of the best beer month in Portland and things are kicking off early with the International Beer Festival which started yesterday.

On the mile and points front:

  • I have not earned any serious frequent flyer miles in the last 18 months.  I put all that stuff on hold in preparation for buying a new home.  I am jonesing to get back in the fold.  I have some trips coming up and my miles balances are low.
  • Although I have been quiet in my own miles earning and blogging, I have still been active with my miles and points consulting.  In fact just had a client return from a trip to South Africa flying Cathay business class that I had helped him book.  He said the trip and flights were amazing.
  • During this hiatus I have also not done any reselling which is something I wanted to get into for meeting spends.  I am going to start doing that and will be writing about my experiences here.
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