Where to Watch Mayweather vs. Pacquiao Fight

If you want to watch the fight here in Portland and do not want to spend $100 for the fight on Pay Per View your options, unfortunately, are limited. Yesterday I called around to the major sports bars and some of my favorite small ones to see if any would be showing the fight.  Thus far it would appear that only 4 sports bars are showing the fight and all will have a decent cover charge.

Buffalo Wild Wings js showing the fight at their Downtown Portland, Beaverton, and Wood Village locations.  The cover will be $20 and a reservation is required.  As of yesterday the only place that still had tables that could be reserved was Wood Village. Beaverton and Downtown were down to standing room only.

On Deck Sports Bar at their Broadway location will also be showing the fight.  They are charging a cover of $30 and seating will be on a first come first serve basis.

The cover at these places is high enough that if you can get five or six of your friends together it may become more economical to order it on PPV.  I will update this post as I learn of more places showing the fight.  If you are aware of others please add them in the comments.

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Uber Returns to Portland

Yesterday at 2:00 PM Uber began operations in Portland with the official blessing of city government.  This ends what had been a somewhat contentious battle between Uber and city council.  This all started back in December when Uber tried to force their way into Portland against existing city codes.  At the time, Portland’s city code was very protective over the traditional taxi system.  That system made it nearly impossible for new cab companies to get up and running let alone a ridesharing company such as Uber.  City leaders did not take kindly to Uber operating in Portland and began fining drivers.  Uber and the City called a truce whereby Uber would suspend operations and give Portland time to revamp their taxi rules to permit ridesharing companies to operate legally in Portland.  Those rules were finally put in place this week.  Technically, the resolution passed by city council only allows operations for a 120 day trial period.  However, I have a hard time seeing this going away in 4 months.  So stay tuned.

For those who have not used Uber see this post for an explanation on how to use Uber. If you use my referral code, your first ride is free up to a value of $20.




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Adventures in Reselling: Taking My First Steps

I want to get into the reselling business because I think it will be a great way to earn frequent flier miles and pocket a little cash on the side.  For the uninitiated, the gist of how you earn miles and points by reselling is that you buy a product using your miles earning credit card.  You buy low and sell high. After you sell the product you pay off your card and pocket the profit.  When you couple this strategy with meeting minimum spend requirements on a new card it can be a great way to earn miles and some cash.

Once I decided to take a crack at reselling I did a lot of research online.  I found a pretty helpful reselling guide that does a good job of spelling out the basics over at frugalhack.me.  The guide does a pretty good job of explaining the basics as far as looking for deals, where to buy, and how to resell.

As I am a rookie reseller, my strategy will continue to evolve. However, thus far my strategy is to watch slick deals and look for a good deal I think I can take advantage of. Finally yesterday, a deal came up that I thought was a good one to get started with.  It looks like Best Buy has a pricing mistake on their Sony Bluetooth Noise Canceling Headphones.  A price mistake sounds like a good resell opportunity to me. I also combined the purchase with 3 different cashback mechanisms.  The first was that I bought the headphones through a shopping portal.  I used Upromise which was 1% cashback.  Next, I signed up for Best Buy Rewards which gave me 2% cashback.  Finally, I used my arrival card to earn another 2% cashback.

The final tally looked like this:

My First Purchase:  Sony Bluetooth Noise Canceling Headphones

  • Purchase Price: $149.99
  • My Best Buy Rewards Points: 149 ($3)
  • Upromise Cashback Portal: $1.50
  • Arrival Points: 300 ($3)
  • I also got $5 for making my first purchase through Upromise

I hope to sell on Craigslist for a $50 profit.

I thought this was such a good deal that I wanted to buy two, but I opted to take it slow.  I will report back on results.

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I’m Thinking About a Second Blog About Miles and Reselling

As many of you know, I am a mile and points junkie.  I collect miles and points to be able to travel for what I like to call practically free.  In the last year I have not been collecting many miles because I took it easy in anticipation of us selling our house and buying a new house.  I have been thinking over the last couple of months about not only collecting miles but also building a travel slush fund to cover expenses like credit card annual fees and incidentals while traveling.  In recent weeks I have been contemplating getting into the reselling business.  I’ve been aware of this method of generating miles and earning modest profit for some time, but it seemed like it was too time consuming to make it worthwhile.

In recent weeks, however, my attitude has started to change.  I have this feeling that my current method for manufacturing miles is not going to last.  I also hate spending my own money to earn sign up bonuses.  Given what I think is the inevitable end to most of the easy methods of creating miles I figure now is as good as anytime to get into reselling.

I’ve gone back and forth on whether I should just make a new blog or add it as content to this site.  My fear with creating a second blog is that I will neglect this blog.  So for now I will include my adventures in reselling as content on this site even though it is unrelated to Portland.  I will of course continue to include Portland related content on the blog.

I think my posts about reselling will be like a journal chronicling my attempts at reselling.  I know very little about the process so if you are interested you can learn with me.


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Win Two Tickets to Europe With Icelandair and #PDXtravelganza

Icelandair is launching service between Portland and Reykjavic starting May 5th.  It is a seasonal service operating flights twice per week until October 20th.  I am really excited about this route because it adds pretty easy access to Europe for us PDXers.  We do not have many options for departing Portland to Europe so this is a welcome addition in my book. Plus, Iceland is awesome, and one of the great things about flying Icelandair is that you get a stopover in Iceland for free before heading on to Europe.  With one ticket you can have two vacations in one.

To celebrate the kickoff of Icelandair’s new route they are giving away two roundtrip tickets to Europe (presumably also with a stopover in Iceland).  Here are the details:

  • Between April 10th and 12th representatives from Icelandair will be in Portland.
  • Follow Icelandair on either Facebook or Twitter.
  • Each day they will post a clue as to their location plus that day’s password.
  • The first person to find their location and reveal the password wins two tickets to Europe!

For full details of the giveaway click here.  Good luck.

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Blog Posts Will Still Be Sparse

We close on the sell of our home this week, so I should have more time to devote to the blog.  Although we will be spending our weekends house hunting so I suspect blog posts will continue to suffer.  I really hope the next home I find is our last one.  Buying and selling a house sure is a pain.

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Killer Burger As Good As Advertised

Picture Courtesy Portland Mercury

I have a Portland foodie confession.  Until this week, I’ve never been to Killer Burger.  I know, weird right?  It’s not for a lack of trying.  I have tried to make it there a couple of times before and it did not work out.  Either because the place was closed (and I didn’t know) or the line was too long and I did not want to wait.

It is sort of odd to me that it has taken me this long to get there.  I’ve heard countless people go on and on about Killer Burger.  That it is the best burger in Portland, that you must try the Peanut Butter Pickle Bacon Burger, etc..  Typically, when I hear a bunch of superlatives associated with a place I start to wonder how much of the praise is legit and how much is just hype.  For me at least, I now have the answer.

In my opinion KIller Burger lives up to the hype.  It is a really good burger.  The best in Burger in Portland?  I don’t know.  It is certainly in the conversation.  Also, as an aside can you really tell the difference between one great burger from another and decide “Yup, this one is the best,” but I digress.

Killer Burger

I went to the Killer Burger on NE Sandy and ordered just a plain old Bacon Cheeseburger. I have heard numerous people say the Peanut Butter Pickle Bacon burger is the greatest burger ever made by man.  I was not prepared to venture into such craziness my first time at Killer Burger.  I wanted to get a burger standby, a bacon cheeseburger, to see how they do on a simple yet delicious every man’s burger.

I was not disappointed, in was a very good burger.  The burger was everything you would want in a great burger.  A flavorful and juicy patty, perfectly cooked bacon, quality cheese, and a bun that holds up.  After my first bite, I fully endorsed the Killer Burger hype. There is also another thing about Killer Burger that I think has been overshadowed by their fantastic burgers.  The fries, are also damn good.  They are cooked perfectly and there is hardly a trace of grease.  I am a firm believer that bad fries can ruin a good burger experience.  For me, fries are a part of the whole burger package.  A great burger with great french fries is a helluva enjoyable meal.  Killer Burger delivers on all fronts.

Killer Burger is as good as advertised and deserves the hype.  Add it to the list of must try places while in Portland.

Killer Burger on Urbanspoon

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