Portland’s Best Take Out Restaurants

Last night neither my wife nor I felt like cooking dinner.  Going out was not an option since the kiddos did not nap and were being a tad cranky.  Our normal go to take out restaurants did not sound appetizing either.  We were in a dinner funk.  Looking for inspiration I got on the google machine and googled “Portland take out”, hoping to find something.  Sadly there was not much, most of the lists focused on food carts.  Food carts on a list of best take out restaurants seems like cheating to me, all food carts are take out.  Plus they keep irregular hours so it was not particularly helpful.

Then like a curry flavored lighting bolt it dawned on me what we should do for take out, Indian.  I called up my favorite Indian restaurant, Dwaraka, placed an order and we were out of our take out funk.  Once my belly was full I started thinking about how lousy the few lists I saw online were.  Good take out restaurants soon began flooding my brain, thus the inspiration for this post.

Dwaraka:  In my opinion this is one of the best Indian restaurants in Portland.  The food is delicious and flavorful.  My first visit to Dwaraka was with my in-laws and we ordered a wide variety of dishes.  My recollection was that every dish was excellent.  Each dish comes with a choice of rice or naan.  My take out tip is make rice at home and order naan with each dish.

Frank’s Noodle House:  I love Franks.  These noodles are made fresh from scratch are my favorite asian noodles in Portland.  Frank’s was the first handmade noodles in Portland, and they are still the best.

Fire on the Mountain:  Fire on the Mountain is the go to wings joint in Portland.  Fire on the Mountain is not as good as it once was but is still way better than Buffalo Wild Wings. Their sauces are still excellent and my preferred take out for the super bowl.

Du’s Grill: Du’s is a delicious teriyaki restaurant in NE Portland.  It is mainly a lunchtime operation where they churn out pounds of tasty grilled teriyaki beef, chicken, and pork.

Luc Lac:  Luc Lac is a very popular Vietnamese restaurant in downtown Portland. Luc Lac used to be a small little operation inside the food court next door.  It quickly outgrew the confines of the food court and moved into its own space.  It is a wildly popular lunch spot with the local workers bees and for good reason, it’s good.

Papa Murphy’s:  No take out list can be complete without a shout out to the king of take and bake pizza, Papa Murphy’s.  Papa’s is not great pizza but it is good, reliable, and cheap.


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