Challenge Accepted Costco! Can I Beat a Car Rental Price on Costco with Priceline?

I am a huge fan of Priceline for rental cars.  I think last minute bidding with Priceline is THE way to go for cheap rental cars.  Although I think Costco just made it hard on me.

I am currently finalizing some of the details for our upcoming trip to Hawaii.  We booked airfare a few months ago using frequent flyer miles and the hotel is just about wrapped up. On Monday I thought I would check out rental car prices.  My typical strategy for rental cars, which you can read about in detail here, is to book a reservation I can cancel and then make a last minute bid with Priceline the week before I leave.  Well Costco Travel just made that a challenge.  When I checked Costco on Monday I found a rental price of $12.50/day for an intermediate car.   Needless to say I made that reservation. Total price including taxes was $158.  Beating that with Priceline is going to be a challenge.  Well, challenge accepted Costco, challenge accepted.

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5 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted Costco! Can I Beat a Car Rental Price on Costco with Priceline?

  1. Just tried Costco for our June 15 trip to Kauai. Save $12 vs my government rate with Avis. Plan on trying your Priceline method week before but will try Costco later as well.

    • Historically I’ve been able to do better with a last minute bid. You’re right the trip is not for a couple months. I was just randomly looking at prices and saw it. It will be fun to see if I can do better.

  2. I just booked a car rental with Costco after looking for weeks. No joke, I saved $150 bucks. But I am not a last minute bidder by any means.

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