How to Find Cheap Airfare to Portland

With airline consolidation, and what few airlines are left flying routes less often, planes are full and airfare is sky high.  It is getting harder and harder to find good deals but they are out there and can still be found.  You just have to know where to look.  Today, I thought I would highlight some of my favorite tips.

Email Alerts and Twitter

1. Twitter

I love Twitter, it is a great source of information.  There are a couple of twitter accounts that tweet out deals on airfare and they are worth following.  Here is who you should follow.

Me (of course):  I will tweet Portland / PDX specific airfare deals.

The Flight Deal:  The flight deal is a blog that tweets airfare deals.  This is a great account to follow for anyone interested in travel and looking for great deals on airfare.

Airfarewatchdog:  Same idea as the Flight Deal.  Airfarewatchdog will tweet out great airfare deals.

2. Email Alerts

One of my favorite airfare notification services services is‘s email notifications.  You can sign up with airfarewatchdog to email you about any airfare deals to a specific city, from a specific city, or between city pairs.

Kayak can also be set up to email you when the price drops on specific routes that you are interested in.

Another website that I like is Yapta.  Yapta can be set up to follow a specific airline route and email you when the airfare drops.  Yapta can also be handy after you purchase airfare.  You may or may not know that some airlines have a guarantee policy and will refund you money if the airfare drops.  Yapta, is a great tool to keep track of this and get some money back after you have purchased airfare.

Searching for Airfare

My favorite search engine is ITA.  ITA is the software that many online travel agencies use to generate their search results.  Online travel agencies will sometimes filter their results so I like to use ITA directly and cut out the middle man.  The downside is you cannot book directly with ITA, you will need to go to the airline website to book.  It is a very powerful search engine that allows you to do a lot (which is another post entirely).

Google Flights, is another fun tool.  If you are flexible I like using their map function.  The map will show you airfare between city pairs on a map.  Pretty cool if you are flexible and just want to fly somewhere with a great deal.

PDX Airfare Deals


Throwaway ticketing can be a nifty way to save money on airfare and worth checking out, if it is within your comfort level.  Read this article to learn about throwaway ticketing.

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