The Trimet App, An Essential Portland App

A year ago Trimet launched a mobile app that allows you to purchase bus and MAX tickets on your phone.  This month the app sold its one millionth mobile fare, and for good reason. The app is super convenient and easy to use.   The app is much more convenient than the old way of doing business.  For the MAX, that meant buying tickets from a kiosk, if you were lucky to find one that worked.  For the bus, that meant buying a ticket from the bus operator but they only took exact change.  The app has made things soo much easier. 

If you plan on using trimet at all when you visit Portland, downloading this app is a must. The app is free and easy to use.

The first thing you do is select the type of rider you are.  Most likely you are selecting an adult.  Youth fare’s are for kids 7 to 17.  Children under 7 ride free.  Honored citizen requires a special trimet issued photo ID, so don’t bother with that one.  You’re an adult, so select that one.


Next, select the fare type you want.  You’re options range from a two hour pass all the way to a monthly pass.  A two hour pass is $2.50 and a one day pass is $5.00.  I suggest buying a day pass on an as needed basis.


Next, when you go to purchase the ticket you will be prompted to create an account.  The account will require some personal information, email, user name, and credit/debit card number so you can make your purchase.


Next, is a nice little prompt that briefly explains how to use the ticket(s) for yourself or multiple riders.


Next, click the use link with the arrow next to the fare type you want to use.  You will be prompted for a confirmation and then the pass will show.  The fare is an animated bus that shows when the fare will expire.


When boarding a bus, show the screen to the driver.  If on the MAX, just get on the MAX and if a fare inspector asks for fare show them your screen.

You can back out of the fare as well and the screen will look like this:  IMG_1248

All you have to do is click show to bring the pass back up, and that’s it.  Pretty simple and super convenient.  It is a no brainer that so many people have purchased fares with this app.  Make sure to download it before your next visit.

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