Visit Portland and Leave Smarter: Science Pubs and Lectures

Thanks to Neil deGrasse Tyson and Cosmos, being nerdy is cool again (or maybe for the first time).  Well here, in Portland we have known that for a long time, so I like to the think the rest of the country is just catching up to us.  For years now OMSI has been presenting adults only happy hours and lectures at local pubs.  Portland is also home to certified smart people organizations such as the the Oregon Chapter of the American Research Center In Egypt, and the Linus Pauling Memorial Lectures.  In fact, American Research Center will be holding its annual conference in Portland this year and will be presenting an interesting public lecture about certain egyptian mummies (more on that in a minute).  

As I have mentioned before, my travel philosophy is to live like a temporary local.  What better way then rubbing elbows with us locals and learning cool stuff while you are at it. So, if you are interested in getting off the normal tourist beat and expanding your brain a little bit, here are a few suggestions.

1.  Science Pub:  Here in Portland we think everything is better with beer.  In fact, it is probably only a matter of time before there is a science lecture proving this very fact. There are two science pubs a month and if you see a topic of interest to you, check it out.

2.  OMSI After Dark:  This is a happy hour that takes place at OMSI.  OMSI probably describes it best as “Science nerds unite for childfree, brain-building science fun at OMSI After Dark!”  How can you beat that?

If you want to get into some real hard core nerd stuff, check out some of the local lectures that occur periodically.

3.  Linus Pauling Memorial Lectures:  A few times a year you can catch lectures on some fairly interesting topics presented by some pretty damn smart people.

4.  Finally, on Wednesday, April 2nd, you can catch a free lecture that is open to the public at PSU presented by the American Research Center in Egypt.  The topic?  Ancient Egyptians mummifying their pets.  How cool is that?


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