Don’t Forget That Coupon On Your Next Trip To Portland

My wife and I will be off to Las Vegas this weekend which means I am in full on deal hound mode.  When I travel somewhere there are two things I do in the weeks before I leave, research places to eat and look for discounts on activities, restaurants, tours, etc… I do this not just because I am a cheapskate, but because I think it is fun.  I take it as a personal challenge to lower my expenses as much as possible.  However, I am not one of those people who creates an itinerary based on my coupons.  I think that is a recipe for a bad experience.  Instead, I have a list of things I would like to do and if I find a coupon that saves me money great, if not, oh well. 

There are a lot of resources online that offer discounted activities or coupons for purchase. Some of these deals can save you a lot of money.  Here are some resources for those interested in Portland deals.

Chinook Book:  This is a great coupon book that you can purchase at a grocery store like New Seasons or order online.  What I like most about this coupon book is the focus on locally owned businesses.  Chances are if you have a list of restaurants and activities you want to experience in Portland, some of them will have a coupon in this book.  The book is $20 but you will easily make that back and more in savings.  Click here for a list of current coupons, take note of the expiration date.  Current coupon: buy one get one free coupon for an Ice Cream Sandwich at Ruby Jewel (these things are amazing!).

Entertainment Book:  This is another coupon book.  The cost of this book is $21.  I do not use the entertainment book much because of the heavy focus on fast food and national chains. However, there can be some good value in here so it is worth a look.  Current coupon: 50% off various hotels, including Hilton and Hotel Monaco.

Groupon:  Groupon is a coupon website where the discounted activity you are purchasing activates as soon as a minimum number of people purchase the activity.  Groupon can be a great deal and is always worth a look.  Current coupon:  $25 for 2.5 hour pedicab brewery tour.

Living Social:  Living Social is a Groupon copycat.  Living Social does not have as much variety as Groupon but worth a look nonetheless.  Current coupon: 50% off Eastside Distillery tasting for 2.

Travel Zoo:  Travel Zoo is a travel website that lists various travel deals for flights, hotels, vacation packages, and for my purposes local deals as well.  Current deal: two for one deal to Portland Art Museum’s Venice Exhibit.

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5 thoughts on “Don’t Forget That Coupon On Your Next Trip To Portland

  1. One show for you: Absinthe

    (You can thank me later…)

    Another idea, if you have been recently: downtown, specifically between the Fremont Experience and Atomic Liquors bar. Be sure to see the Container park.

    Coupons? Not worth the hassle for $20 or the psychic pressure to spend them. Get one only if it is to someplace you were going to hit anyways… Absinthe. 😉

    • I will have to look into Absinthe. Thanks for the suggestion. Already doing Ka on Sunday night. I’ve never seen Cirque so I’m looking forward to that.

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