The Big Woody Barrel Aged Beer And Whiskey Festival

Taking place at the Leftbank Annex on January 17th and 18th will be Portland’s inaugural barrel aged beer and whiskey festival, The Big Woody. The Big Woody is an off shoot of a very successful beer and whiskey festival that takes places annually in Bend, Oregon, the Little Woody.  

I, unfortunately, already have plans for this weekend and will not be able to make it. The Big Woody celebrates my two favorite adult beverages, beer and whiskey, so I am a little bummed I cannot make it. If you have never tried a barrel aged beer before, I think this would be an excellent place to get started. With 17 breweries present there will be a wide variety of beer to try. Here is a list of the breweries that will be at the event. The Big Woody is also a BJCP event meaning, the beers will be judge and awards handed out to the best beers.

For centuries, maybe even millennia, beer used to be aged in wood barrels. My favorite brewery in town right now, Cascade Brewing, barrel ages their beers. Beer really does taste different when it is aged this way. The end result can turn out to be really great.

The Big Woody will also feature eight distilleries and four of the distilleries are from Oregon. I have tried all four of the Oregon whiskeys that will be at the Big Woody and all of them are good. The Oregon whiskeys are: Burnside Bourbon, Crater Lake Rye Whiskey, Clear Creek Single Malt Whiskey, and CW Irwin Bourbon.

Tickets are $40 which includes a souvenir snifter glass and 20 tasting tokens. I really hope The Big Woody is a success. It sounds like it has a lot of potential and since it is modeled off a great event in Bend I am sure the Big Woody will be great as well. If you are able to attend I would love to hear what you thought of the event.

To get to the Leftbank Annex, you have two options. The easiest way is to take the MAX to the Rose Quarter and walk north two blocks past the arena. The Leftbank is at Broadway and Vancouver. You can also take the streetcar and get off at the Rose Quarter and then walk one block north and one block east to the Leftbank. The street car tends to be very slow so I think the MAX will be faster even if you have a few more blocks to walk.

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