New Year’s Eve In Portland

There are a lot of things going on in Portland on New Year’s Eve, too much for me to list it all.  If you are just looking to party pretty much any bar in town will have something going on.  For those looking for the clubbing/bar hopping crazy shenanigans I suggest the entertainment district.  That is not my scene, however, so I thought I would suggest few things other than going to a bar or club.  


There will be lots of live music around town on New Year’s Eve. Here are a few suggestions.

McMenamins:  If you want to stay at one location, enjoy live music, have fun, and not have to worry about getting home I would suggest the McMenamin’s hotel packages. They have some pretty good events planned at their various hotels.

Oregon Symphony: For those who enjoy classical music the Oregon Symphony will be performing Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.  Tickets are sold out but there are a few tickets available on Craigslist.

(Obviously different performers but I could not help featuring a flash mob performing one of the greatest musical compositions in history.)

Pink Martini: Perhaps the greatest band to ever come out of Portland. Pink Martini, will be performing at the Crystal Ballroom.


Harvey’s Comedy Club:  Harvey’s will have a smattering of comedians performing including Dwight Slade.

Helium Comedy Club: Comedy and Magic?  What more could ask for.  The headliner at Helium will be Nick Thune.


Special Dinners:  Portland is filled with great restaurants and any of our higher end restaurants will be a great place to enjoy a special New Year’s dinner.  Some places will feature special multi course dinners to ring in the New Year.


Or you can just do what I do, grab a six pack of beer and watch the PBS New Year’s Eve Special with Yo Yo Ma!

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