Save Money On Hotels With Roomer Travel


Since last week I posted about a new website to save money on airfare, I figured this week I should post about a new website to save money on hotels.  I recently learned about a new hotel booking engine called Roomer Travel.

Roomer is a little different than your typical hotel booking website.  Have you noticed lately that most hotels offer discounted prices but the catch is that the reservation is non-refundable?  What happens when life gets in the way and you can’t make your reservation?  In the past you just had to eat it.  That is where Roomer Travel comes in.  People who cannot use their reservation can sell it on Roomer. Roomer is like Stubhub for hotel rooms.

Personally, I think the idea is fantastic.  It is also a great tool to keep in your pocket for those of you using my Priceline hotel bidding strategy.  If for some reason you were unable to make a reservation you now have a tool to offset some of your losses.  Heck, if you are really successful on Priceline you may be able to turn a profit with Roomer.

Due to the nature of the inventory that you are purchasing there are some pretty good deals to be had with Roomer.  However, because Roomer is pretty new, the inventory is not great.  Your best bet to see if anything on Roomer will work for you is if your dates are flexible.  If they are, click the flexible dates button when you begin your search and Roomer will show you all the rooms that are currently for sale at your destination.


Here is an example of the your potential savings.  Roomer shows that someone is trying to sell a reservation at the Hilton for $96, staying 1/1/13 to 1/6/13.


According to Kayak the cheapest rate for that room is currently $119.


That is a savings of 20%.  Not too shabby.

Hopefully, this website will grow in popularity and the inventory will increase.  Right now because of the site’s newness the low inventory makes finding a room hit or miss.  Over time as the inventory increases your odds of finding a room will get better.  Still, this is a good tool and something worth exploring before your next trip.

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