Pictures From My Trip To Eastern Oregon

I returned from my elk hunting trip this weekend, unfortunately empty handed.  We spent the week camping in the Malheur National Forest in the Silvies hunting unit.  This is an area about 25 miles northwest of Burns, Oregon.

Our most adventurous day was on Tuesday when myself and a friend tracked a band of elk through the snow on the side of Dry Mountain (6000 feet) for 2.5 hours.  it was pretty exciting.  We jumped the band twice but never got a very clear look at the animals.  We knew there was a bull elk in the group from the tracks but could never see him.  When the band headed down the mountain we decided to call it a day.  At this point we were a couple of hours late to our rendezvous with the rest of our group and they were getting anxious since we were out of radio contact.  This day also had a bunch of wet snow and we were wet and exhausted.  It was time to get dry.

We went back up the mountain the next day and there was fresh sign of elk all over the place but they’re like ghosts and once again we couldn’t get eyes on them.  It was nonetheless a very fun trip.  I’m disappointed I was not able to get anything, but there is always next time.

Here are a handful of pictures from the trip.  I didn’t take as many pictures as I had hoped to but I was too busy looking for elk.


Pond at base of Dry Mountain


Snow on Dry Mountain



Snow on Dry Mountain



Mahogany Tree with Moss




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