Portland Travel Tips Has Gone Hunting

Update: What horrible grammar. I fixed the title. Geez.

No post this week or next because I am in Eastern Oregon elk hunting. Specifically, I will be near Burns out in the middle of nowhere. I will hopefully come back with some pretty pictures of the countryside. I’ll spare you any pictures of dead elk, unless of course it is a real big one!

It is interesting the evolution I have seen in our society with regard to hunting. I remember just ten years ago when it seemed like a lot of people frowned upon hunting as an antiquated and maybe barbaric practice. However, with the growing awareness of issues in our modern day industrialized practice of producing meat, it seems like hunting is making a comeback. A couple of weeks ago a good friend of mine, who is very much of the granola eating type, expressed some interest to me about learning to hunt. I was very surprised. However, the reality is that hunting, when properly managed, is a sustainable way to acquire meat. Also, meat doesn’t get much more organic than a wild animal living off the land. There is no need to worry about, artificial hormones, the overuse of antibiotics, e-coli, my meat being washed with ammonia, or having 100 different animals in my 1 pound package of ground meat. Plus hiking around the woods is fun.

Wish me luck.

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  1. When you get back, I’ve got an idea for you to mull over. Just needs to know if the topic is already being addressed or not..

    Basic premise: a tailored list of mileage/points awards that applies to PDXers

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