Free Admission To The Portland Art Museum And More This Saturday

Hat tip to Daraius at Million Mile Secrets

This Saturday, the 28th, is the Smithsonian Magazine’s Museum Day Live event.  This means that across the country admission to participating museums will be free.  To qualify for free admission you have to download a ticket and the ticket is good for you and one guest.  In Portland there are four museums participating in the Museum Day Live event. They are:

The Portland Art Museum

The Oregon History Museum

Blue Sky the Oregon Center for the Photographic Arts

The Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center

Of these four the two that I would be interested in visiting would be The Oregon Historical Museum and the Nikkei Center (as an aside the PAM is great but I was just there a few months ago).  I am a bit of a history nerd so the Oregon Historical Museum is probably self explanatory, but the Nikkei Center is about early Japanese Oregonians.  The center also includes exhibits about the Japanese experience during World War II.  Unfortunately, I will be going to Eugene this weekend and not able to participate.

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