Apple And Pear Harvest Is Here: Time For The Fruitloop

If it were not for the terrible weather forecast, this weekend would be a great time to go do the Hood River Fruit Loop.  I really enjoy this Portland day trip and we have done it for the last couple of years.  This weekend has a few things going on that make it a great time to visit the orchards and enjoy the harvest.

The Fruit Loop is a loop through the Hood River Valley which is home to a lot of pear and apple orchards.  The loop is made by Highways 35 and 281.  Along the way are orchards, farms, and vineyards.  We like to go do the Fruit Loop in late September when Honey Crisp apples are ready to eat and the cider is flowing.

We are planning on getting out there this weekend because not only are the Honey Crisp apples ready, but there are also a couple of fun events taking place as well.

First, is the Kiyokawa Family Orchards Desserts Galore event.  Desserts Galore is a dessert tasting feature recipes made with the fall harvest of pears and apples.  Kiyokawa also has hay bail rides for the kids and wine tasting for the parents.  Kiyokawa is number 18 on the map above.

Second, is Apple Valley Country Store Pear Dumpling Day and BBQ.  This is a great place to stop for lunch or dinner and enjoy some good BBQ and some amazing pear dumplings. We visited on this same weekend last year and tried the pear dumplings for the first time. The were amazing!  The country store is number 22 on the map above.


Finally,  we still owe ourselves a trip to the Marchesi Vineyard.  We tried to visit on our last trip out to Hood River but never made it.  We have not been there before but have heard good things.  The vineyard is number 26 on the map above.

Now if only the weather will cooperate.  Saturday looks like it is going to be nasty, but Sunday, at least early on, is looking like the day to go.

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7 thoughts on “Apple And Pear Harvest Is Here: Time For The Fruitloop

    • We ended up going yesterday on Saturday. The weather ended up being pretty good for the most part. We had wonderful weather when we were at Marchesi and the apple valley country store early in the day. We got rained on later while we were apple picking. Then it dried up again for us when we walked around Hood River. We had a wonderful day. I hope you do too.

      • We went today. The weather was fine.

        The BBQ at Apple Valley Store was a let down–I guess it’s the only BBQ in town but they are overly proud of their offerings (tips solicited, ugh).

        Went to Kiyokawa for apples afterwards. Pretty nice!

        • I’m sorry to hear you didn’t like the BBQ. What I had was pretty good although I could tell it had been sitting for a bit so not ideal. Did you go to the brick and mortar shop in Parkdale or the stand at the apple valley country store? We went to the stand at the country store and they had the Q fired up. I feel like I I had waited an hour I probably would have had a fresher batch.

          • We went to the stand.

            Food was sitting in warmers, dried out. Buns were from a package. Pork ribs were $12 for a quarter rack. Cashier was swatting flies on the wall. Okay, I’ll stop now.

            The hunt continues for good BBQ in PDX.. 🙂

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