Summer Is Almost Over, Get Out and Enjoy The Weather

Last week we had a bit of a scare weather wise.  We had a nasty storm roll through the area for a couple of days that seemed more like a november rain storm.  September is generally my favorite month here in Portland.  The weather is great, the temperatures are not usually too hot, and of course football has started.  With the nastiness last week I was going to have this post be about enjoyable indoor activities.  Fortunately, the sunshine has returned for the time being so here are some ideas to get outside and enjoy the last of the great summer weather.

The Coast: September is a great month to get out to the coast.  The weather is still fantastic, no rain, and lots of sun.  The temperature will be a little cool (or maybe a lot cooler if you go closer to October) but the crowds are gone, so that is a big plus.

The Columbia River Gorge:  I really like going out to the gorge in September.  In fact we will be returning to Hood River in a couple of weeks to pick apples and visit the apple valley country store for BBQ and pear dumplings.

Hiking:  There is a lot of great hiking around Portland, not just in the gorge but around Mt. Hood, and the coast range as well.  An hour and half to the south is also Silver State Creek Falls.

Parks:  You don’t have to leave Portland to enjoy the remaining good weather. The Zoo, Waterfront park, Forest Park, Washington Park, the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden, and many more city parks are great places to spend a few hours enjoying the sun.

Patio Dining:  When you go out for a drink and/or food, take advantage of the weather and find a place with a good patio.  Departure, Cascade Brewing Barrel House, Veritable Quandary, On Deck, Lucky Lab, Nel Centro, and Lardo all have great patios where you can enjoy a nice drink and good food outside.  Also don’t forget the food cart pods.

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