Frank’s Noodle House: Amazing handmade noodles

Seriously folks these noodles are killer.  I would say they are the best chinese noodles in town, but frankly they may be the only handmade chinese noodles in town.  I think there are a couple of food carts trying to serve up the same type of stuff but I am not sure if the noodles are handmade like Frank’s noodles.  Regardless, the noodle’s at Frank’s Noodle House are really really good.

We went to Frank’s a week or so ago.  I had been here once before for lunch and I have been meaning to take my wife there.  Well we finally had the opportunity when we dragged the in-laws and the kids here for dinner.  We all ordered noodles except for my mother-in-law (not sure what she was thinking).  I, naturally, ordered the pork belly noodles.

Frank's Noodle House Pork

The noodles are always amazing, and the thin pieces of pork were also dynamite.  The pieces of pork had the right combination of meat, fat, and flavor that makes pork so delicious.  If, sorry, when I go back I don’t think I am going to bother ordering anything else. Perhaps a side of kalbi beef as an appetizer but I’m going to stick with the pork noodles as my dish of choice.

My wife ordered the noodles with squid.  Much like I am a sucker for pork, my wife is a sucker for good calamari.  She generally liked her plate.  She loved the noodles but she thought the quantity of squid was lacking.  As for the pieces of squid that were there, they were good.  Not too rubbery and good flavor.  I took a bite of her dish and it was pretty darn good as well, but the pork was better.

Frank's Noodle House Squid

Frank’s serves their noodles on a hotness scale of 1 – 4.  I ordered a 2 and my wife ordered a 3.  I am a fan of heat, so long as it does not take away from the flavor of a dish.  Heat that just overwhelms is pointless in my book.  I did not think the 2 was hot at all.  As for my wife’s plate, the 3 had some heat to it but nothing overwhelming.  However, it did feel like the heatness (is that a word) of the level 3 could build up over the course of eating an entire plate.

One last great thing about Frank’s noodle house, is the price.  We each got a big plate of noodles for $11 – $13.  That is a pretty darn good deal, considering the quantity and the effort that goes into making these noodles.  The lunchtime prices are even better at around $7-$9. The quantity isn’t the same but good enough for lunch.

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