Tiny House Hotel

I don’t normally write much about hotels on here.  For me it seems like a stale topic.  For the most part most of Portland’s hotels are conveniently located in downtown but tend to be overpriced in my opinion.  This isn’t to say if you are staying Portland don’t stay in a hotel.  It is hard to beat their central location.  If you are looking for a good value on a Portland hotel, I suggest using my bidding strategy for Priceline. 

All that being said, every once in awhile I will learn about a hotel or other type of lodging that I think is worth a mention.  The Tiny House Hotel is one of those.

If you have never heard of the tiny house movement, read this.  Basically, the tiny house movement consists of people downsizing their house and way of life.  The tiny house movement appeals to the part of me that thinks we as a society focus too much on material things and not enough on people and experiences (this is the root of why I love to travel). With two kids the tiny house thing won’t work for me, but maybe when I retire to Hawaii I can have one.

So naturally, when I read about this new “hotel” I thought it was pretty cool.  It is located on NE 11th and NE Alberta in the Alberta Arts district.  Within walking distance are a lot of great restaurants and pubs.  The comments from past guests on Airbnb are pretty positive. I think this is a hotel that I might actually need to try.  The nightly rate is $125 per night.

If you give it a try I would be curious to know what you think.  I think it looks pretty cool and I love the location.

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