London Pasty Company

London Pasty Co.

The first time I had a pasty, ironically, was not in London but in Tempe, Arizona back in 2011.  One of the highest rated restaurants in Tempe on Urbanspoon is the Cornish Pasty Co., a restaurant specializing in meat pies – i.e. pasties.  It was the first time I had a meat pie and I discovered two things about pasties that day.  (1) They are really good and (2) they are a great hangover food.  So when I learned about the London Pasty Co. at the Cartlandia food cart pod, I knew I had to check it out. 

The London Pasty Co. is a food cart at one of Portland’s biggest and best food cart pods Cartlandia.  The cart has a variety of meat pies and baked goods.  For my lunch I ordered the meat and potato meat pie while my wife ordered the corned beef.

London Pasty Co Lunch

I should also mention that there was key lime pie and I can’t say no to key lime pie, so we ordered that too.

Key Lime Pie

My meat pie was quite good.  It was filled with chopped up steak, onions, carrots, and potatoes.  The filling was good, but when it comes to meat pies the star of the show is the crust.  The crust on my pasty was excellent, it was warm, flakey, and delicious.  Cartlandia also has a beer garden and the Ninkasi IPA I had with my pasty made for an excellent pair.

I thought the pasties were a little expensive with the $6 pricetag.  However, these things are clearly made by hand and probably a little more labor intensive than cuisine at other food carts. So I cannot complain too much about paying $6 for a delicious handmade pasty.

Steak and Potato Pasty

All in all it was a terrific lunch and definitely hit the spot.   I would absolutely come back again.

London Pasty Co on Urbanspoon

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