Upcoming Portland Beer Festivals

July is beer month in Portland and across the state.  There are a lot of great events taking place in the city during the month involving beer.  A lot of local breweries of have special discounts or events taking place throughout the month.  However, the main attraction this month is the Oregon Brewers Festival which takes place July 24 – 28.  It is a great event and a ton of fun.  Although, the weekend before features an often overlooked and in some ways better event.  The Portland International Beer Festival.  

The Portland International Beer Festival is a smaller event that takes place in the North Park Blocks in the Pearl District.

I really like this event because the PIB provides you with an opportunity to taste some really amazing beers from all around the world that you may not have a chance to try otherwise. The event is also smaller and a bit more low key than the Oregon Brewers Festival.  The PIB tends draw more of the hard core beer nerds than the Oregon Brewers Festival, so it tends to be a bit mellower.  This year’s event is taking place July 19 – 21.  I highly recommend checking it out even if you are just a casual beer drinker.

The main event takes place the following weekend, actually starting on Thursday the 24th. The Oregon Brewers Festival is a celebration of craft beer that takes place on Waterfront Park.  It is the largest outdoor beer festival in the country.  I love the OBF, it is my favorite event in Portland.  The number of craft beers at the OBF is overwhelming.  I wish I could try them all.  Here is a list of all the beers that will be featured at the festival this year.  If you see anything that strikes your fancy make sure get to the festival on Thursday or Friday because some of the more popular beers tend to run out by the weekend.  The Oregon Brewers Festival starts July 24th and ends July 28th.

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