Portland Day Trips: Seattle Mariners

Safeco View

I love baseball.  It is disappointing that Portland does not have their own professional baseball team.  Fortunately, Seattle is not that far from Portland and going up to watch a Mariners game makes for an easy day trip.  If you are a baseball lover and have not been to Safeco Field it is definitely worth the trip.  The park is stunning and tickets are cheap. 

This is a day trip that my wife and I used to make with some regularity before we had kids. The trip is best when you can coincide it with a 1:00 game.  We would drive up in the morning, get to Safeco around 11:30 and then have lunch and get a drink outside the park.  There has been an explosion of bars and restaurants immediately around Safeco so there are some good options.  Henry’s and Pyramid Brewing are good choices and both right across the street.  The game would finish around 5ish.  Sometimes we would go straight home, other times we would head over to West Seattle for dinner and eat along Alki Beach.

If this is something you are interested in doing, here are some money saving tips.

1.  Buy tickets from scalpers:  Usually this is not a good deal, but right now the Mariners are not very good.  The trick is to wait until after the first inning and then go find a scalper.  They will be having blue light specials on their tickets.  Depending on the demand for the game you can get tickets next to a dugout for almost nothing.

2. Take the Bolt Bus:  Bolt Bus is a really cheap option to get to Seattle.  It drops off at 5th Ave. and S. King St. which is only a few blocks from the stadium.  It also picks up from that same location.  Roundtrip is about $40.  Cheaper than the cost of gas if you were to drive.

3:  Amtrak:  Ok this is not a money saving tip, but I know a lot of people who take the train up for a game and then take it back down after the game.  Unfortunately, this is not cheap, but it is fun.  The train has a bar on board, if that gives you an idea of how most people spend their time on the ride up.  A roundtrip ticket will put you back $120.  Still cheaper than the cost of a hotel room when staying the night, so I guess it is technically a money saving tip.  King Street Station is also a short walk from Safeco.

I think this makes for a fun day trip.  I love watching live baseball and if this is something you enjoy as well, then consider spending a day to come check out a game.


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