Reader Question: Cramming The Gorge and Portland Into Two Days

Anu left a comment on my contact me page that I thought was worth expanding on here in a full blog post.  Here is Anu’s question.

Thanks for your blog! We are planning a 2 night stay in the Buckman area. We’ll be using public transportation, but plan to rent a car for one day to make a day trip to the Columbia Gorge. If possible, we’d like to rent the car on our departure date, so we can drive it to the airport. Flight is at 7:30pm, so would need to get to PDX by 5:30. Do you think we will be too rushed with our day trip on this day?   Continue reading

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Oregon Brewers Festival Starts Today!


The Oregon Brewers Festival starts today at noon.  This year marks a couple of firsts for the Brewers Festival.  This is the first year the event starts on a Wednesday and it is the first year using glass mugs.  Starting at 11:30 is the Oregon Brewers Parade which marches from Bridgeport Brewing to the festival grounds at waterfront park.  Then there is the ceremonial tapping of the first keg at noon and the party begins.   Continue reading

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Portland Day Trips: The Oregon Coast

Cannon BeachI love the Oregon Coast.  I don’t go there nearly enough.  I think the Oregon Coast is one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world.  It is stunning and I highly encourage you to take one day on your next trip to Portland to visit the coast.   Continue reading

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Upcoming Portland Beer Festivals

July is beer month in Portland and across the state.  There are a lot of great events taking place in the city during the month involving beer.  A lot of local breweries of have special discounts or events taking place throughout the month.  However, the main attraction this month is the Oregon Brewers Festival which takes place July 24 – 28.  It is a great event and a ton of fun.  Although, the weekend before features an often overlooked and in some ways better event.  The Portland International Beer Festival.   Continue reading

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Blog Giveaway

I’m giving away a copy of Sea Star Wishes: Poems from the Coast. The book is an illustrated book of children’s poems. Since I’m not much of a literary critic and it is a children’s book, we decided to put it to the ultimate test. Last night my wife read it to our two year old. The report was that he really liked it. He loved the illustrations and listened to the poems. So mission accomplished, and he went right to sleep afterward!

I will send a copy of Sea Star Wishes to the first person to email me the name of this famous Oregon Coast landmark.


This giveaway is courtesy of Sasquatch Books and the winning answer can be emailed to me by clicking here.

Update: Congratulations Paolo who was the first to correctly name Haystack Rock.

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Portland Day Trips: Seattle Mariners

Safeco View

I love baseball.  It is disappointing that Portland does not have their own professional baseball team.  Fortunately, Seattle is not that far from Portland and going up to watch a Mariners game makes for an easy day trip.  If you are a baseball lover and have not been to Safeco Field it is definitely worth the trip.  The park is stunning and tickets are cheap.  Continue reading

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