Portland’s Powell Butte

Powell Butte

Portland has lots of great places where you can spend a few hours hiking and never have to leave the city.  Powell Butte is a great example.  Powell Butte is an extinct volcanic cinder cone in the middle of East Portland and on a clear day the views are excellent, including an amazing view of Mt. Hood.  It is a large park and offers lots of hiking trails. 

Powell Butte Hike

Unfortunately, when we went with some friends of ours we all forgot that the place was under going some serious construction.

Powell Butte Construction

If you haven’t heard Portland is was in a fight with the EPA to keep our city’s reservoirs uncovered.  We lost the fight so one of the places where we will have underground reservoirs is on Powell Butte.  The construction is inconvenient but once you get past it the park is wide open.

Powell Butte Panorama

Powell Butte feels like the country side but it’s in the middle of East Portland.  I think it is also popular with bird watches because there was a guided tour going through the park when we went.  If you are looking for something a little different away from the craziness of downtown, Powell Butte is worth checking out.

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