4th of July In Portland

Wondering where to catch a firework show next week?  Portland’s firework show is off of the south end of waterfront park by the intersection of Columbia and Natio Parkway.  The firework display is a part of the annual Blues Festival.  If you want a front row seat for the show in waterfront park you will need to pay to enter the Blues Festival.  Fortunately, the Blues Festival is a pretty good bargain.  It is actually a fundraiser for the oregon food bank so entry is only $10 and two cans of food. The music is usually pretty good and you will have a great view of the fireworks show.

If you do not want to pay the entry fee to the Blues festival almost any place along the river will have a decent view.  A lot of people actually go to the east side of the river where you have a direct view of the festivities without having to pay admission to the Blues Festival.  Another option, although an expensive one, is a river cruise on the Portland Spirit.  

The firework show starts at 10:00 PM.  I would suggest finding a spot early.


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Portland’s Powell Butte

Powell Butte

Portland has lots of great places where you can spend a few hours hiking and never have to leave the city.  Powell Butte is a great example.  Powell Butte is an extinct volcanic cinder cone in the middle of East Portland and on a clear day the views are excellent, including an amazing view of Mt. Hood.  It is a large park and offers lots of hiking trails.  Continue reading

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Local Area Dog and Cat Shelters and Rescues

www.adoptapet.com  created a google map showing all Portland area dog and cat shelters and rescues. They emailed me and asked me to place these maps on my blog to help promote these shelters and rescues.  As a pitbull owner I am pretty sensitive to the plight of abused and abandoned dogs, so I am happy to do what I can to promote awareness for theses shelters.

Dog Shelters and Rescues

Find Portland Dogs & Puppies

Cat Shelters and Rescues

Find Portland Cats & Kittens

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It has been awhile since I have been to a good Italian restaurant.  We were treated to dinner at Nostrana last week for my birthday, kids included!  I really appreciate a restaurant that is kid friendly and serves dynamite food.  The service at Nostrana was great, they were friendly, and had no problem helping us clean up after my son knocked over a full glass of water.  I would have liked the place just for the service alone, but the food was really good, so even better!  Continue reading

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Portland Mayor’s Mansion: Portland’s Newest Bed & Breakfast

Portland Mayor's Mansion

When I travel I usually subscribe to the Rick Steves philosophy of travel.  That is try to become a temporary local.  Interact with people, live like locals live, and try to get the best experience you can for your limited travel dollar.  This is why I tend to shy away from hotels when I can.  It is also why when I am asked by folks where to stay I usually recommend staying at a B&B or a vacation rental.  I recently had an opportunity to take a tour of Portland’s newest B&B the Portland Mayor’s Mansion and I walked away impressed and thinking it offers tremendous value.  Continue reading

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Portland Neighborhood Guide: Ladd’s Addition

Ladd's Addition

One of my favorite Portland neighborhoods is in inner SE Portland, Ladd’s Addition.  The neighborhood is one of Portland’s most unique neighborhoods.  Ladd’s Addition is the oldest planned community in Portland.  The neighborhood is named after William S. Ladd, who was a mayor of Portland in the 1850s.  The neighborhood occupies what was once his farm.  In the 1890s he subdivided his land and designed this unique neighborhood.  Take a look at the map below to get an idea of its unique nature.

View Ladd’s Addition in a larger map

Continue reading

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Portland Rose Festival Events

Ok, I admit this is a little late in posting since the Rose Festival technically kicked off last weekend with the opening of the City Fair on the waterfront.  It is probably because I live here, but I just don’t see what is so exciting about the Rose Festival.  I don’t get very excited about parades, the City Fair is just a carnival, and the cool part of the Rose Festival, fleet week, is going to totally suck this year because the Navy and and Coast Guard will not be participating due to budget cuts.  Now that I have you down, here is a list of events happening during this year’s Rose Festival!  Continue reading

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