The Brunch Box: One Of Portland’s Best Burger Joints

brunch box brick and mortar


The Brunch Box is one of Portland’s more famous food carts. They recently opened up a brick and mortar restaurant on SW 9th Ave. between Washington and Alder Streets.  I have been meaning to check out the new digs and finally did so yesterday evening.  

To sum up the Brunch Box I would describe it as the burger version of voodoo donuts.  That is a place that is taking your traditional burger and putting together some creations that you may not have thought of on your own.  Such as the the YouCanHasCheeseburger, a cheeseburger with two grilled cheese sandwiches instead of buns.  Or the ThaiBacon burger, a bacon cheeseburger with grilled jalapenos and peanut sauce.  Bottom line is that the burger creations are creative and pretty damn good too.

Last night I was late getting off work and I met my wife and kids at Finnegan’s Toys downtown.  It was getting too late to go home and cook dinner so we decided it was a good excuse to check out the Brunch Box’s new shop.  I ordered the 5-0 Burger.  This is a burger topped with swiss cheese, pineapple, spam, grilled onions, lettuce. tomato and teriyaki sauce.

brunch box 5-0 burger


It is definitely as good as it looks. The burger was pretty satisfying; it was juicy, flavorful, and filling.  That being said, I did have one complaint.  I wish the portion of spam and pineapple was more substantial.  When I unwrapped the burger I was not quite sure they got my order right because I could not see the pineapple or spam.  I had to actually open burger up to make sure it was there.  Inside was a thin slice of pineapple and a thin slice of spam.  I was disappointed because not every bite of the burger had that perfect spam pineapple combo.  The bites that did were truly delicious.  I’m almost thinking I should go to the cart today for lunch so I can compare the cart version to the brick and mortar version while it is still fresh in my head.

The brick and mortar place is a dollar or two more expensive than the cart, but the restaurant also offers some things not offered at the cart.  At the restaurant, you indoor seating, french fries, and beer.  The cart is a buck of two cheaper but it is outside, and only offers chips.  I went for dinner and it was not very crowded.  I have no idea how crowded it gets during lunch.  But I would say if there is a line and no seating available inside then save yourself a couple of bucks and walk 5 blocks to the food cart which is on SW 5th and Stark.  If you have never been to the Brunch Box I highly recommend it.  They are in the conversation for Portland’s best burger.

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