BBQ For Breakfast

Portland, Oregon podnahs pit BBQ

On Sunday, the family and I went to Podnah’s Pit BBQ for breakfast. Podnah’s serves up Portland’s best BBQ and on Saturday and Sunday mornings they also serve BBQ for breakfast. I have been meaning to try their breakfast so Sunday we finally did. 

I ordered the brisket breakfast, which comes with smoked brisket, potatoes, an egg, and a biscuit.

portland oregon podnahs brisket breakfast

For the most part I thought everything was very good. The brisket was perfect and if you are even remotely a BBQ fan you should go to Podnah’s and try it. I thought the potatoes could have used some more seasoning, they seemed a little plain to me. But all in all everything was very good. I will add that I would have preferred to see the brisket incorporated into some sort of scramble. Instead I got the normal serving of brisket with breakfast sides instead of lunch or dinner sides. I think a scramble would be really good with the brisket and I was disappointed not to see it on the menu.

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