Portland Children’s Museum

Portland Oregon Children's Museum

Yesterday my wife and I took advantage of Bank of America’s Museums on Us to take the kids to the Portland Children’s Museum.  Admission is normally $10 per person, including children.  My wife and I both have BofA’s Alaska Airlines credit card so we got in for free, we still had to pay $10 for our 2 year old son (the baby was free) and $4 for parking.  I guess we need to sign the oldest up for an Alaska Airlines Credit Card! 

The museum is pretty cool.  My son loves it.  The Museum is divided up into various play rooms each with its on theme.  There is a grocery store, veterinary hospital, construction zone, and more.  Each is of course kid sized and filled with various toys to play with.

My son’s two favorite rooms are the dig room and the water room.  The dig room is a play pit filled with rubber chunks, tonka trucks, and shovels.

Portland Oregon Children's Museum dig area

This would definitely be my son’s favorite room it if weren’t for the water room.  The water room has different water tables and interactive water features to play with.  We save this room for last.

Portland Oregon Children's Museum water area

At $10 per adult and child it can be pretty expensive to visit the Portland Children’s Museum.  Most locals who visit with their kids have a membership which is $85 a year and gets you free admission.  If you are visiting the cost can add up, so if you happen to be visiting on the first weekend of the month make sure to bring your BofA credit or debit card. The cost can quickly add up but if you are traveling with kids and are looking for something to do with them, they will really enjoy the Children’s Museum.

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