Five Essential Portland Apps

I’m not sure about the rest of you but I have found that apps are becoming an increasingly bigger part of my travel planning. I have found with the right app your travel experience can be a lot smoother. So I decided that I would list for you my five favorite Portland Apps.  

1. PDX Bus:  I am a huge a huge fan of this App.  The PDX Bus app is really useful.  The app shows the routes and stops for all buses, trains, and streetcars.  The two most useful features of the app are the real time transit tracker and trip planner. The transit planner tells you exactly when your bus will be arriving at your stop.  With the trip planner you plug in your location and destination and it will show you the best route to take using public transportation.  If you plan on using Trimet while in Portland, this app is a must have.

2. Cart Compass: With this app you will never have to guess where the to find the nearest food cart.  Portland has fully embraced the street food culture and no trip is complete with out eating some of the food being served up in these trailers.  Some of my favorite carts include, Koi Fusion, Brunch Box, Frying Scotsman, Potato Champion, and Whiffies Fried Pies.

3. Cocktail Compass: Much like Cart Compass but this one tells you where to find the nearest happy hour.  This can be a fun app to play around with; when you are out and you feel like a drink open the app up and go to the nearest happy hour.  You may end up in a total dive, or fancy cocktail bar.  Finding out is half the fun.



4. PDX Pipeline: This is an app that features a calendar of events taking place in town. The lists offer a wide variety of events from pub quizzes to music, comedy, art showings, and sports events.



5. Public Art PDX: Ok this one is not that essential, but I still think it is a pretty neat app. The app is a map of public art around downtown Portland. You can select a piece of art on the app and learn a little bit about its history.



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