The Baowry: From Food Cart to Fabulous Restaurant

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The Baowry was a popular food cart is St. Johns serving up some pretty delicious baos which is a fluffy chinese pastry usually stuffed with meat.  The Baowry food cart being as awesome as it was out grew its humble beginnings and about a year or so ago opened up a restaurant in a house they renovated. 

Portland Oregon the baowry

I had been meaning to go to the restaurant for some time now and we finally went on Friday.  The dining area is small and seating is a bit tight, but nonetheless there was still plenty of room for my wife, the kids, and I.  The dining area outside looks really amazing.  It is a little too early in the year to be eating outside but I can’t wait to go back when the weather warms up and eat in the garden area.

The menu is asian inspired with the star of the show of course being their delicious baos.  We had a really tough time trying to figure out what we wanted to order.  We saw the food at some of the neighboring tables and it all looked delicious.  We decided to go with the Duck for Two and a side of Ginger Rice.  The Duck for Two is is an entree with two Peking Duck style hind quarters, four baos (no filling), cucumbers, pickled chilis and carrots/daikon, and housemade hoisin and plum sauce.

Portland Oregon baowry duck


Yes, it is as good as it looks.  The duck was great.  The baos were equally good.  We ended up tearing off pieces of duck and filling up the baos with the meat and veggies and spreading on some of the hoisin sauce.  I’m not sure if that is how this dish is meant to be eaten but it was pretty darn good.  The hoisin sauce was super good. I should have asked if they sell it because I would love to use it when I BBQ beef short ribs.

We also got a side of ginger rice to go with the duck.  Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of that because my son was two quick and dug into it.  It was also very good.  The final tally was $26 for the duck and ginger rice which was plenty of food for all of us.

The Baowry is also supposed to serve up some pretty good cocktails as well.  I can’t wait to go back when the weather is nice, sit outside, and try some of their cocktails with their amazing food.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again.  What I love about Portland is that it seems like every neighborhood in Portland has great places to eat and drink.  The Baowry in St. Johns is no exception.

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