Saving Money With Vacation Rentals

Casa Bella, Courtesy VRBO

I am a big fan of vacation rentals.  I used a vacation rental for the first time a few years ago when my wife and I traveled to Maui with a couple friends of ours.  It turned out to be such a great deal that we are starting to use vacation rentals more often than hotels.  For your next trip to Portland you should consider using a vacation rental, here’s why. 

1. More Bang for Your Buck:  A dowtown hotel will run you anywhere from $150-$250 per night.  For less than the average price of a hotel you can get a vacation rental with one to two bedrooms, a living room, bathroom, and full kitchen.  Why stay in a tiny hotel room, when you can have an entire house, or an apartment to yourself for the same price?

2. Save Money:   Not only can you save money by paying less per night, but there are other ways vacation rentals help you save money.  If you are renting a car you can save money on parking fees.  If you don’t want to eat out three times a day you can save money by preparing meals in your rental.  If you are traveling with friends you can save even more by splitting the cost of the rental.

3. Live Like a Local:  This may be my favorite reason for using vacation rentals.  By getting away from a hotel and into residential neighborhoods you can see why Portlanders love this city so much.  My favorite thing about Portland is that no matter what neighborhood you are in there are always cafes, restaurants, pubs, and shops that are unique to each neighborhood.  Almost all of Portland is very walkable, so you can get out and walk to neighborhood parks, cafes, and pubs.

Where to find vacation rentals? My two favorite websites are and  I find the user interface on HomeAway to be friendlier but like to use both to get a full picture of the rentals available.

For your next trip to Portland consider including vacation rental search in addition to your hotel search.  Chances are you will find a better value and get a more intimate feel for the city so many of us love.

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2 thoughts on “Saving Money With Vacation Rentals

  1. Why no mention of Airbnb? Portland has literally hundreds of listings for everything from rooms, to apartments, to houses. The prices are reasonable, and I have met wonderful hosts.

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