St. Patrick’s Day Events In Portland

Sunday is St. Patrick’s Day so there will be lots of celebrations going on this weekend. If you are interested in attending some of the festivities I thought I would point out some of the more popular events. 

Kell’s St. Patrick’s Day Festival.  Portland’s most popular Irish pub is Kells.  This is actually one of my favorite bars in downtown Portland.  They have good food, cocktails, and beer, plus I love the atmosphere of the bar.  That being said, their St. Patrick’s Day festival is nuts.  It is too much of a crowd for my tastes but if you are looking for the it St. Patty’s Day party this is the place.

Thirsty Lion St. Patrick’s Day Festival.  Just down the street from Kells is the Thirsty Lion.  They also throw a good St. Patrick’s day party although not quite as large as Kells.  The one block radius that encompasses Kells and the Thirsty Lion is the epicenter of St. Patrick’s Day revelry in Portland.  If you are out in the burbs the Thirsty Lion in Tigard will also have some St. Patrick’s Day festivities taking place.

St. Patrick’s Day Celebration at the Kennedy School.   Although I have never been to this particular event, I have been to the Kennedy School on a few occasions and it is a great place to hang out.  The Kennedy School is an old elementary school that was bought by McMenamins and turned into a hotel/pub/restaurant.  It is a pretty cool place.  If you are in NE portland and want to participate in some St. Patrick’s Day festivities but want to avoid the craziness that will be downtown this is a good place to check out.

St. Patrick’s Day Celebration at Edgefield.  This is another St. Patrick’s Day festival put on by McMenamins.  Edgefield is a McMenamins resort in Troutdale, Oregon.  About 20 minutes outside Portland.  The resort has a restrauant, pub, and a bar.  There is also a spa and a par 3 golf course on site as well.  Edgefield is a beautiful property and well worth a visit any time of year.

Now for my public service announcement.  If you are planning on participating in some of this weekends events, please do not drink and drive.  Not only is it dangerous but it is just not worth the risk. Oregon has some pretty tough DUII laws and law enforcement is out in force for St. Patrick’s Day.  Taking a cab may add to your expenses and may be less convenient than taking your car but it is much cheaper than the costs associated with a DUII.  So please plan ahead.  Call a cab or take trimet.

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