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A favorite tool of mine that I like to use to help me save money on airfare is  Yapta allows you to track airfare prices and will automatically send you email alerts when the price drops.  And after you purchase your ticket Yapta will continue to track the price so you can apply for a refund with the airline if the price drops after you buy. 

On the home page for you’ll notice two products for tracking airfare, one is for corporate travel and another for personal travel.  You will want to use the one for personal travel which is free.  Before getting started you will need to register an email with Yapta so they can send you email alerts.




On the left side under personal travel, click on the flights icon to search for flights.  Tracking a flight after a flight search is really simple.  In order to track a flight you simply press the track flight hyperlink that is associated with each search result.



This will add the flight to your “my trips” tab, seen form home page, and will set up email alerts to let you know when the price drops.

The other way to track a flight is by inputting the flight number manually.  I usually book my flights directly with the airline so I tend to use the feature the most.  To enter a flight manually you will want to click on the my trips tab from the home screen.  From the my trips page on the left will be a link to add a flight.



On the add a flight page you simply input the date of travel, airline, flight number, departure, and arrival information.  You will need to enter this information for each leg of your flight.



A nice thing about entering the information in manually is that you can track open jaw itineraries, itineraries with multiple destinations, or itineraries using multiple airlines.

Once you have inputted the correct information the flight will then appear under the “my trips” page.  After Yapta tracks the flight for a couple of days you will see a graph showing you the ups and downs of the price, or in my example the ups.  I started tracking a flight from LAX to PDX from end of February to today.



Another great feature of Yapta is to continue to use this tracking system after you purchase airfare.  You may or may not be aware that most airlines have a refund policy where you can apply for a credit if the price of a fare drops after you purchase a ticket.  Yapta has a nice break down of airline refund policies at

I find Yapta to be a really helpful tool and I use it to start tracking flights as soon as I know I be going somewhere.  Yapta is really simple to use and it can help you save money on your next trip both before and after you purchase a ticket.

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