I Have Spring Fever

Every March I start to get antsy.  I can feel spring just around the corner, yet I look outside it is still wet, cold, and gray.  Spring cannot arrive soon enough.  Compared to the rest of the country Portland winters are pretty mild.  Did we even have any snow this year?  It doesn’t get very cold but month after month of gray skies can get depressing.  But flowers are already starting to bloom in my yard so there is hope spring may be here soon.  Here are some things that I am looking forward to this spring, in no particular order. 

Lan Su Chinese Garden – I think we are going to go the first Saturday in April to take advantage of the Museums On Us program from Bank of America.

Washington Park Zoo – There is a baby elephant that we would like to see.  If we go on a the second Tuesday of the month admission is only $4.

Hillsboro Hops – We have a new minor league baseball team in the Portland Metro Area.  The first season of the Hillsboro Hops is this year.  They are a single A club affiliated with the Arizona Diamondbacks.  Only in Portland would you find a ball club named after an ingredient in beer.

Forest Park – Forest Park is an awesome urban Forest in NW Portland.  The park has a very extensive trail network and is a great place to hike.

The Japanese Garden – I have never actually been into the garden.  I have walked around it many times and some of the trails in Washington Park allow you to get a glimpse but I think it is about time I actually went into the garden.

Spring Beer and Wine Fest –  Great little beer event at the convention center.  Lots of beer and wine to sample and plenty of food as well.  If the spring beer fest is of interest to you, check out this contest.

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2 thoughts on “I Have Spring Fever

  1. Check out Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden near Reed College during the height of rhodie season (late April/early May). Unbelievable!!

    • Great advice, I often overlook that garden. I am going to be starting a series on Portland neighborhoods soon. I should make that one of my firsts entries so I can feature the garden.

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