N. Mississippi Food Cart Pod: One Of My Favorites

I really like the food cart pod on N. Mississippi, known as the Mississippi Marketplace. There is a decent number of food carts including one of my favorites, Koi Fusion.  Koi Fusion is a fusion of mexican and korean food and their Kalbi Beef Burrito is ridiculous.

The last time I went to the N. Mississippi cart pod I tried Miss Kate’s Southern Kitchen for the first time.

Portland Oregon miss kates southern kitchen

I ordered the fried chicken sandwich with a side of fried tomato.

Portland Oregon miss kates southern kitchen fried chicken


The fried chicken was dynamite.  The fried chicken was just what you would want with good fried chicken.  Crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside.  The chicken was also brushed with a little bit of maple syrup which added a nice sweetness to the chicken.   I was a little skeptical about the maple on it when I ordered but it actually works pretty well.  As for the sandwich as a whole, I have to admit I was a little disappointed   I thought the sandwich was a bit dry and could have used more sauce.  I was also disappointed with the tomato, although the disappointment is entirely my fault.  I should know better that “fried tomato” does not equal “fried green tomato.” So I was little disappointed when I dug in to it and it turned out to be a ripe tomato.  However, despite that initial disappointment it was pretty good.  Although, I think I would have preferred the tomato (non-fried) on the sandwich to add a bit of moisture to it.  While, I wouldn’t order this sandwich again, I would definitely get the chicken.  If you are fried chicken person the cart is worth a visit.

In addition to the great food at this pod the other reason why I like it is because it is in the parking lot of one of my favorite pubs in Portland, Prost.  In the picture at the top of this post, Prost is the building on the right.  It is a great pub.  It is styled after a German pub with plenty of German beers on tap.  One bad thing about Prost, though, is the food kind of sucks.  However, one good thing about Prost is they let you bring the food from the carts inside.  So next time you are in the area check out the pod, take some food into Prost, and have a beer.

portland oregon prost beer

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