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When it comes to going to restaurants I am big on eating local.  Whether here in Portland or when I travel, I try as best as I can to eat at local mom and pop type places.  I think they offer the best value, food, and service.  However, a chain here in town that I do like is Sansai. 

I’m not much of a sushi connoisseur.  I grade a sushi joint on three criteria.  (1) Does the restaurant smell like fish?  If it does I’m out.  A wise man once told me never eat sushi at a place that smells like fish.  The rule does have some irony but if you can smell fish at a sushi place it means the fish is not of a good quality.  (2) Does it taste good? and (3) Is it affordable?

I find that if a place meets rule #1 then rule #2 usually follows.  Rule #3 is important for me because it takes a lot of sushi to fill me up. I have gone out to sushi joints before and spent $30 on sushi just for me and left still feeling hungry.  I hate leaving a restaurant hungry.  I like Sansai because it fits the bill on all three levels.

Sansai runs an all day happy hour which I really like.  I pretty much order exclusively off the happy hour.  For $25 we ordered pot stickers, edamame, miso soup, and a plate full of rolls.


Ok, I know what you are thinking, where’s the fish?  I agree we did not get nearly as much fish as we would have liked, but we had to order toddler friendly with the little one in tow and he really likes avocados.


He also liked the pot stickers which were pretty darn good.  I wish he didn’t eat them all!  There are certainly better Sushi joints in Portland, but when I feel like sushi I tend to come here.  It is an even mix of good sushi at a good price.

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3 thoughts on “Sansai Sushi

  1. I’ve eaten here and I loved it . (and I am a sushi connoisseur) It’s a few blocks away from where I was staying near 23rd and NW. We ordered an assortment of rolls and a short rib plate. Cheap n’ Tasty. yums.

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