How To Score Cheap Blazer Tickets


One of my favorite winter time activities is to catch a Blazer game.  Unfortunately, if you want decent seats the team is going to charge you an arm and leg for the ticket.   Fortunately, I know how to work around that.  

When it comes to saving money, you may have noticed I like to take advantage of high supply low demand situations. My just completed Priceline series offers a perfect example on how you can use that dynamic to save a lot of money on travel. Another area where that dynamic can prove fruitful is at sporting events and right now the Blazers are making it easy to save money on their tickets.   The team is currently battling for mediocrity.  Losing teams usually mean there is low demand for their tickets.  So if they are going to suck, you may as well take advantage of the situation and go on the cheap.

The trick is the secondary market, yes, I am talking about scalping.  Which is perfectly legal here in Oregon.  One option is to go to stubhub but the deals are not that great if you want something better than 300 level tickets.  Although, for the upcoming game one February 2nd against the Jazz you can get nose bleeds for $10 per ticket. But I don’t want nose bleeds.  If they Blazers are going to lose I at least want to enjoy the experience as much I can by being close to the action.

To get a bargain basement deal on premium seats (I’m talking 100 level) means you have to deal with scalpers on site.  Dealing with scalpers before the game is usually a losing proposition because they will try to gouge you.  But if you wait until after tipoff you have a lot more leverage.  Once the game starts these guys want to get rid of the tickets for whatever they can get, but that doesn’t mean they won’t try and drive a hard bargain.  Don’t be afraid to play hard ball either. My favorite negotiating line [while looking around] “who else are you going to sell these tickets to?”  There are plenty of people selling tickets so walk around and see what’s available.  Chances are you will end up with pretty good seats for very little money.

Unfortunately, though, this trick doesn’t always work so have a back up plan.  The last time I was down there I couldn’t find any 100 level tickets.  I was also a little late; the first quater was almost over.  I was offered two 200 level tickets for $20, which I passed on.  Ordinarily I would have taken the deal but I had a good back up plan.  Another good back up plan is to go catch the game at Spirit of ’77 which is a pretty fun nearby sports bar.

But if you try this and someone offers you two 200 level tickets for $20 take it, it is a good deal and the view is pretty good.



For what it’s worth, this tactic works anywhere the home team is lousy.  A buddy of mine did this up in Seattle at a Mariners game and got two seats above the visiting dugout for $10.

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