Powells City Of Books, A Book Lover’s Paradise

Perhaps the greatest book store in the world is located in Portland, Oregon.


A book store is so large it has a map, the rooms are color coded for easier navigation, and it takes up an entire city block. Simply put, the place is impressive.

To give you an idea of how large the book store is here is a picture of the Orange Room.  When you use the entrance pictured above this is the room you enter.


This room is about the size of most book stores.  At Powellls this just contains the books about cooking, arts & crafts, and home improvement.  There are another 8 rooms – Blue, Gold, Red, Purple, Rose, Pearl, Green, and Coffee.

If it is your first time at Powell’s my advice is grab a map, but only use it if you are looking for something specific. Otherwise,  just get lost walking around the store, that’s half the fun anyway.

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