Airfare Alert

Just because it rains everyday during winter in Portland doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit, and with airfare as low as it is why not?  Just bring an umbrella.  It is not cold, just wet.

Austin $231 (United), travel by March 4

Chicago $236 (American, United, Alaska), travel by March 20

Dallas $238 (Virgin America), travel by March 20

Denver $148 (Southwest), travel by February 13

Fresno $198 (Alaska), travel by March 19

Honolulu $387 (Alaska), travel by February 12 (fare is good for PDX-HNL roundtrip as well, which for winter travel to Hawaii is a great price)

Las Vegas $136 (Southwest), travel by March 20

Los Angeles $138 (American, Delta, Alaska, United, Virgin America), travel by March 20

Orlando $317 (Delta), travel by May 31



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