The Best Fish & Chips In Portland Might Be At A Food Cart

There is an excellent food cart pod on SW 9th and Alder that takes up an entire city block.  One of the many great options in this pod is the Frying Scotsman.


I am not kidding when I say these may be the best fish & chips in Portland, they are really good!  Until I tried the Frying Scotsman I was of the opinion that the best fish and chips in Portland were at Halibuts.  I am rethinking that position now.  Blind taste test maybe?

As I have written about before food carts offer an excellent value and the Frying Scotsman is no exception.  $9.25 will get you a large fish and chips with cod.  My wife and I split the large cod and it was a perfect amount of food for the both of us. Our order came with two full cod fillets and plenty of fries.  The batter was light, crisp, and very tasty.  The fries were home made and also very good.


The Frying Scotsman on Urbanspoon

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