The Glisan Burger Barn

Admittedly from the outside it doesn’t look like much.  But inside is a nice clean family friendly restaurant offering burgers made from Painted Hills beef.  Painted Hills is an excellent ranch in Eastern Oregon offering pastured raised, hormone, and antibiotic free beef. 

I ordered the bacon cheeseburger and, aside from being a little dry, I thought it was pretty good.  I liked that the fixings did not overwhelm the burger and I could still taste the meat. I think this place is a real neighborhood gem.  The burger was $9 and included fries.  They also offer some good craft beers on tap as well.  I got the C-Note from Lompac Brewing, which is a very good Portland made Imperial IPA.

$9 for a bacon cheeseburger may seem like a steep price for a burger but considering the quality of the beef they are using it is a pretty good deal.  This burger would easily cost you $12-$15 if you were eating it in the Pearl or most anywhere on the westside.

The restaurant itself is also a bit of a feel good story that you can read about here.  Essentially, the place used to be a dive bar from hell and the owner decided that wasn’t working out and turned it into a burger joint.  Next time you are in Northeast Portland I suggest checking it out.

Glisan Burger Barn and Grill
7901 NE Glisan St.

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