Food Carts Offer Tremendous Value and Good Food

For the longest time it seems like Portland has had its fair share of food carts. However, about 4 or 5 years ago the number of carts seemed to explode overnight.  It was like every empty lot in town was turned into a food cart pod.  And thank goodness!  Because there is some amazing food being served up in these carts and they offer tremendous value. 

The Portland food cart scene here in Portland is pretty impressive. Our food carts have received plenty of national attention, as spotlighted in this video from the New York Times.

There are hundreds of food carts in Portland and the variety of cuisine is equally impressive.  The cuisine ranges from your standard fare like burgers, pizza, and mexican food to more hard to find cuisine like Himalayan food.

For all you need to know about Portland’s food cart scene I suggest you check out  The website offers a full list of nearly every food cart in Portland.

I love food carts and I will blog about some of my favorites.  Bottom line, though, if you want to eat well and eat cheap start at the food carts.

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